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4shared Desktop Editor's Review

In case you are a 4shared upload and sharing service user, you can now obtain for a much better file management solution through its client application 4shared desktop. Instead of using the browser-based file storage system interface, you can now upload, share and manage files using this application which is free.

4shared desktop comes with a Windows-style interface which is easy to use if you are familiar with the browser-based interface. With its classic look and traditional file tree display the application looks a bit "dusty" compared to other products from similar services, but gives you a better management control and much more in-depth info like speed upload/download, elapsed time, action list, shared links, etc.

Obviously, in order to use 4shared desktop you need to have a 4shared online account. If you choose to go for the free account, you will get 10 GB of free space where you can upload any type of files which are accessible from any other PC or shared to any other user through direct links or html codes. Of course, any of these features can be accessed directly from the browser-based interface, but 4shared desktop comes as complimentary application which gives you better access to files management and synchronization.

First you have to choose your local synchronization folder from where you can schedule the process. Pay attention that you have to split bigger files into maximum 200 MB files, otherwise the upload process will not begin. The synchronization runs as a background service due to the bandwidth limitation but gives live notifications through the Windows system tray "bubble" system. The other management functions are similar to the ones present in the online interface but the advantage is that you can use them now locally without the fear of being disconnected. If you are in a hurry you can instantly upload a file without the use of the synchronization method.

Pluses: synchronization feature, scheduling system, in-depth data status, system tray notification.

Drawbacks/Flaws: complex interface, the application has to be manually refreshed in order to display your online account situation.

In conclusion: 4shared desktop adds additional control to your 4share account with complex features recreating the online environment on your local machine.

version reviewed: 3.2.2

4shared Desktop Publisher's Description

4shared Desktop is free application for Windows, Linux and Mac PC’s expand 4shared functionality. Speed up the routine process of uploading hundreds files to your account and make it much easier.

Friendly well-known, easy to use interface and perfect usability of 4shared Desktop will increase productivity of your work and greatly lighten performance...

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